OCIUS’ Bob Sea Trials

30 March, 2019

Kevin Chan

On Tuesday 26th March, the second vessel in our ‘Bruce Class’ of Bluebottles, christened Bob underwent its initial sea trials.

Design changes to Bob’s trim, displacement and helm immediately showed improvements in the vessel’s performance.

Also, particularly pleasing was that algorithms and software functions developed and optimised over 2 years on the original Bruce copied seamlessly into Bob; for example, waypoint sailing, auto tacking upwind, Figure 8 station holding etc. all operated flawlessly and autonomously.

‘Bruce Class’ Bluebottles discriminators include:

  • 300kg payload capacity for customers
  • 50W average power to customer payload 24/7 sustainably with 8 hours sun
  • Keel winch to lower sensors to 100m
  • Advance in all conditions with ability to get out of currents
  • 2 per 20-foot shipping container
  • Launch and recover from a conventional boat ramp

We have a busy schedule planned for the next 12 weeks and we look forward to updating you.